Vip Hummer Desert Safari Dubai Morning Private


5 - 6 Hours


AED 249



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VIP Hummer Desert Safari Dubai – Morning Private Booking 🌅

Morning desert safari Step into a sun-kissed Arabian dream with our VIP Hummer Desert Safari in Dubai. Exclusively curated for morning enthusiasts, this private booking is a blend of thrill, luxury, and the magic of the desert dawn. 🌞


  1. Elite Hummer Drive 🚙: Kick start your day aboard the Hummer, the epitome of luxury. Ride the golden sands with power and grace, setting the tone for an exhilarating morning.
  2. Personalized Pickup 🏨: We begin at your doorstep, whisking you away from your hotel into the embrace of the desert, ensuring comfort from start to finish.
  3. Dawn Dune Bashing 🌄: Experience the desert as it awakens. Feel the rush as the Hummer dances on the dunes, catching the first rays of the sun.
  4. Morning Sandboarding 🏂: Slide down the fresh morning dunes, feeling the cool grains of sand underfoot and the thrill of a new day.
  5. Exclusive Camel Trek 🐪: Delight in the serenity of a private camel ride, moving rhythmically through the desert, echoing tales of ancient Bedouin journeys.
  6. Sunrise Spectacle 🌅: Capture the desert in its morning glory, as the sun emerges, painting the sands in hues of gold and amber.
  7. Heritage Moments 🦅: Pose with the noble desert falcon, a symbol of Emirati legacy, in the soft morning light for memories that last a lifetime.

Morning Specials for Private Bookings:

  • Personal Quad & ATV Adventures 🏍️: Feel the morning breeze as you rev up on a Quad Bike or ATV, charting your own course through the dunes.
  • Horseback Tranquility 🐎: Upon your wish, embark on a peaceful horse ride, embracing the vastness of the desert under the morning sky.
  • Camel Odyssey 🐪🐪: For those seeking a longer camel expedition, just let us know.


Embark on a morning where every moment is a luxury, where tradition meets opulence, and where the desert unveils its morning magic exclusively for you. Experience the unmatched allure of Dubai’s desert with our VIP Hummer Morning Safari. 🌟🌵🕌


  • Pick & Drop-off from Hotel
  • By 4x4 vehicle 🚗
  • Dune Bashing
  • Camel ride
  • Quad bike ATV 30 mins
  • Sunrise Photography
  • Water & soft drinks
  • Sand Boarding
  • Long Camel ride
  • Food & Fruits