Vip Dubai Desert Safari In Hummer Evening Shared


5 - 6 Hours


AED 120



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Dubai Desert Safari In Hummer


Dubai Desert Safari In Hummer Dive into the heart of the majestic Dubai desert with our exclusive VIP Hummer Evening Safari. Tailored for those who seek a blend of thrill, culture, and luxury, this shared group experience ensures an unforgettable evening under the stars.


  1. Luxurious Hummer Ride: Begin your adventure in the iconic Hummer, a vehicle synonymous with power and luxury. Let its robustness navigate the shifting dunes with elegance and style.
  2. Hotel Convenience: No need to fuss about transportation. We’ll pick you up right from your hotel and return you in comfort, making your evening seamless.


Included in the package:

🏨 Pick & Drop-off from Hotel: Skip the transport stress. We ensure you’re comfortably picked and dropped at your hotel.

🚗 By 4×4 vehicle: Glide over dunes in a rugged 4×4 vehicle, feeling the desert’s excitement.

🌅 Dune Bashing: Get that adrenaline rush as you bash through the vast golden sands.

🏂 Sand Boarding: Ride the desert waves on a sandboard, sliding down towering dunes.

🐪 Camel Ride: Enjoy a peaceful desert journey on the ‘ship of the desert.’

📸 Sunset Photography: Freeze the magical moment of the sun setting against golden dunes.

🦅 Falcon Photos: Snap a picture with the iconic desert falcon, a symbol of Emirati heritage.

Excluded from the package:

🏍️ Quad Bike & ATV: Add more thrill with a Quad Bike & ATV ride (additional cost).

🐎 Horse Ride: Experience the desert on a graceful horse. Available upon request.

🐪🕐 Long Camel ride: Want a longer camel journey? It can be arranged separately.

🛋️ Premium Sofa table sitting, Lounge access: Upgrade your experience with luxurious seating and lounge access (extra charge).

💨 Sheesha: Savor the traditional Arabian water pipe, available for an added fee.


  • Pick & Drop-off from Hotel
  • By 4x4 vehicle 🚗
  • Dune Bashing
  • ​​​​​Sand Boarding
  • ​​Camel Ride 🐪
  • Sunset Photography
  • Falcon photos 🦅
  • Quad Bike & ATV
  • Horse Ride
  • Long Camel ride
  • Premium Sofa table sitting, Loung excess
  • Sheesha